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Jan 3, 2011

Compaq Presario V3715AU device driver for Windows XP

Please install one by one and follow the order of installation.
There are updates available, make sure you read all of these post.

Nvidia Graphics(you can go to nvidia site to scan and download latest software and driver for your graphic cards :)

Nvidia ChipsetDownload 

Install Nvidia Chipset and restart.Alps Touchpad

Ricoh Card Reader

Broadcom Wireless
.Net Framework
HP Quick Launch_requires .Net Framework 2.0
MS UAA(Restart laptop after installing mss uaa the proceed with sound, please foolow the order of the installation)Download

Audio Driver,
Upload by: Download Kat

posted on temp2escape

Guiders for driver and installation for Compaq Presario V3715AU Windows XP Pro:
  1. Chipset Driver and LAN/Ethernet/Network Card Driver:
  2. Nvidia Graphics
  3. For audio, you need MS UAA, with a reboot beforeConexant Audio and Modem drivers.
nstallation Steps:
  1. Install Microsoft UAA.
  2. Install Conexant HD Audio Driver (for AMD), after the installation it will prompt that the media is not found. Don’t bother about it and click OK.
  3. Go to Device Manager, you will see a question mark on the audio item, right click it and select “Update driver…”.
  4. Select “Use install from a list or specific location (advanced)”.
  5. Select “Don’t search I will choose the driver to install.
  6. Click “Have Disk”, and go to C:\swsetup\SP33310, click on wis30B5a.inf and it will install the Audio Driver successfully.
Other device drivers such as Broadcom WirelessMedia Card ReaderAMD UpdateWebcam are all here.
However, do not use bioschipsetsynaptics or graphics driver from the link.

Download and install Conexant SmartAudio 221from any of this two source:
Extract the files and run ‘Setup‘. Click ‘Yes‘ and ‘Continue anyway‘ once this two boxes showed up.
The installer might also inform you that the files installed is newer than the one inside this installer. Just click ‘Yes‘ to replace. Restart your PC.
Go to ‘Volume Control‘. Select ‘Properties‘ and choose ‘Conexant HD Audio Input‘. Click ‘Ok‘. Now you are looking at the ‘Recording Control‘. Click on ‘Advance‘ under ‘Microphone‘ and make sure ‘Microphone Boost‘ is ticked.
Do a simple recording test using ‘Sound Recorder‘. It should work now!
Credits to Cheryl for sharing this driver.

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  1. tengs banget bro, nyari nyari driver xpnya susah dapet, disini ada maturnuhun


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